Monday, August 24, 2015

Interview with Brian Philipsen

I am pleased to announce that the author interview with Brian Philipsen is up and live. Brian was gracious enough to take the leap from the searing pan into the pit of boiling oil with the making of this video. It's my first time doing an interview and my first time editing a video. I did better with the editing than my screen time, but Brian was a pro. I am grateful that he explored this new arena and was kept his sense of humor as we worked out the glitches.

Brian's new book, The Prick of Time, has been released and the Kindle version will be available for free on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Another free give-away is scheduled for September. Details in the video.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Editors - Accept or Reject?

"The editor is alway right." 
The corollary is that no writer will take all of his or her editor's advice; 
for all have sinned and fallen short of editorial perfection. 
Put another way, to write is human, to edit is divine. 
Stephen King - On Writing

One evening, I went to listen to the fiction writer Tim Powers. He spoke about editors and the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishers. 

When a book is up for traditional publishing and the editor tells the writer to make certain changes, the writer makes those changes ... or his book isn't going to be published. 

When a book is self-published, the writer hires the editor. The editor says changes need to be made. Errors need corrections. Since the author is doing the paying, it is the author who decides to explain why they don't want to make those changes, doesn't want to to take the time to make the changes, and doesn't care what the editor said. Heck, they'll just find another editor. Money wasted. 

Then there are the writers who are so self-critical that it doesn't matter how many times their book is edited. They will strive for perfection and end up with a book that is never published. Time and money wasted. 

I have found this to be more common than not. 

How do you feel about your editor? Do you listen to the changes suggested? Do you make all the changes suggested or do you pick and choose? Let me hear back what you think in the comments below.