Sunday, January 3, 2016

Accepting Submissions For Podcast

I am excited to have released my first spooky tales podcast. I've got a serious happy dance going on in celebration. Probably not something anyone wants to see as I have zero rhythm.

I'm happy about the podcast because a) I figured out the editing and what not. b) I got past my stage fright and c) I stopped farting around, faced my fears, and got it done.

I'm also happy because this new venue gives me an additional platform to promote authors and direct traffic to their websites or where they are selling their books. I love helping my fellow writers.

So, I'm hoping you guys are using the daily writing prompts and you should have some good ideas. What you most likely have is a good idea that you may or may not go back to. I'm asking you to go back to your prompt and finish what you started. I'm hoping you'll have a story that is 2,000 words (or less). Then I'm hoping you'll send me that short story... unless you are actually going to submit it to a magazine for publishing. I want the short story that you're just otherwise going to throw in a drawer and forget about it.

Don't be shy. Don't let the inner critic talk you out of it. Let's not play games. Submission is not an automatic acceptance. But you've got to give yourself a chance. I can't say yes if you never submit your story.

Check out the podcast tab at the top of the page for a quick listen to episode one. Don't judge me. It's my very first one and I've learned a lot in this process. The next one will be better. And you know it will be even better when it's showcasing your story.

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