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Winner of January's Writing Prompt The Quietness of the Night by Leslie Brannan

I am pleased that Leslie has agreed to narrate her winning contribution to January's 10 minute writing prompt. Leslie writes romance. You can follow her @GA_Leslie on Twitter. 

I loved how she took one sentence and flew with it. She kept her sense of romance and added the twist of darkness which I like. I could feel her passion and love for writing.

It was a joy to get to speak and work with her on the podcast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

“The Quietness of the Night”
By: @Ga_Leslie
The quietness of the night is calling to me again. I walk into it expecting, waiting for its surprises to open itself to me. The night’s sky unfolds before my eyes, so vast its appearance. I am not afraid so I walk into it as it envelopes me. All around me are the familiar sounds of the night.

The chill in the air makes me rub my arms for warmth. I hear a sound; I turn to find its origin only to see red glowing eyes staring back at me. I gasp but refuse to give in to fear for the night is my close friend. We have shared many an hour together & I am not afraid as I allow it to fold me into itself.

All my senses come to their fullest attention. I feel the breath of the night blowing through my hair. I hear the night’s ballad as it sings to me, so sweet is its tune. I find myself captured by the melody of the night, so soothing is its call. I find I do not want to turn away nor do I.

The night reaches out to touch me, I do not recoil from its grasp. So secure do I feel, I know the night holds no harm for me. Each branch in rhythm coax me deeper into the darkness. Further & further into the blackness do I walk.

Trees align to show me the way, I follow like a rabbit looking for its den. My breath is becoming faster now, not for fear but the thrill of anticipation. What is waiting for me I do not know, I only know I must go.

The night continues its song, beckoning me to come, I go without hesitation. I feel my legs getting lighter, it is as if I am walking on air. My eyes are glued to a spot just beyond my understanding. I cannot tell what it is but I know with certainty it is where I am being taken by the night.

The night’s saddened eyes are now flooding the woods where I am walking. Her pains can no longer be contained, & I am here to be its witness. Harder & harder the rain falls onto my skin; there isn’t a part of me that is not soaked in her anguish.

 I open my mouth to taste, it feels so sweet upon my tongue. Odd that it comes across this way for the night’s purpose was not to quench my thirst. Its sole purpose was to drag me, willingly or not into its deepest recesses. For where I was being led few have dared to follow.

Suddenly the darkness is closing in on me. I open my mouth to scream only to be met with creatures of the night drowning my cries for help. I am alone now, for me there is no one coming to my aid.

This place where I have always felt safe is now my worst nightmare. I am terrified, desperate for escape but there is none. I grasped a handful of my hair & pull it hard, trying to make myself wake although I know this is no dream.

The night’s song has changed, its melody is no longer inviting. It is now the song of laughter & I have been caught in its snare. It refuses to allow me freedom no matter how many times I beg it to. I begin to look for a way out, but none is to be found.

Yet again I feel those eyes upon me, trembling I search for their source only to find that they seem to be everywhere. More frightened than I have ever been in times past I began to cry bitter tears. So trusting was I coming into the night, now I am going to pay the ultimate price
Leaves crunching, branches breaking, growls now closer to my ears. All around me is blank, even the refreshing rain has stopped its tears. The wind has even stopped its chorus; it wants me to hear the sounds of my impending doom coming ever closer.

Maybe that was its purpose, to keep me distracted, for in its soothing comforts I felt changed, renewed. But it only serves its dark master, & I its foolish pawn. I fell for its calmness, I accepted its invitation, I was fooled by its embrace. My life is about to be ended in this place I am sure I will never be found.

All at once I hear him calling out to me, it is the voice of the man that I love. He saw me go into the night, something inside him pleaded to follow. He did not know where, only that he must. He is not one to fear but seeing her going alone into the night he became afraid.

All that invited me in now was fighting to keep him out. But he would not be denied, his love was in danger & he had to get to her. For she was his very breath, the beat of his heart, & the flow in his blood; she is his present & his future. Each had found their soulmate.

Before she came he felt destined to be alone. When he saw her for the first time his heart seemed to skip its beat. So beautiful was she that he could hardly speak. She had given her heart to him willingly, he had taken & given to her in return.

Now the love of his life was about to expire. He could not live without her. So with rage & determination he forced his way into the darkness of the night.

The glowing eyes that invited her now pierced him with anger. The branches that guided her now blocked his way. The song that serenaded her now screamed at him to go away.

He would not be denied; he would not be led astray. He heard her gasps for help, looking down he saw a piece of her flowing dress caught on the roots protruding from the ground.

He looked up at the lights in the heavens & begged for assistance. He knew that alone he would find her body drained of its lifeblood. He kept pushing ever the deeper into the blackness with a renewed confidence & hope.

I hear the voice again calling my name; I think I am dreaming. In the state I am in there is no telling what is real & what is make believe. I desperately want to call out to him but the creatures of the night make it impossible for him to hear me with their hunger cries.

In an instant I am filled with rage. So trusting was I when I entered the night, now I see it for its true form. I will not allow it to have its designed result. I am a fighter; I do not yield easily.

I find my voice & I yell out to my lover as loudly as I can. He must hear me, please God let him hear me. For he is the one I have waited for, dreamed of for so long. I will not be denied our present & future together.

I hear my lover crashing through the dense walls the night has built up which attempt to keep us apart. But we will not be separated any longer. I start to rip at these walls, not caring about the pain I am inflicting on myself.

Closer & louder his calls are becoming now. I find my voice again & start to scream out his name. I can sense the creatures of the night are at my heels, any second now they will begin to devour my flesh.

I kick at the night creatures all around me; I hear sounds of pain being inflicted. This only serves to energize me; I fight back even harder. I want to be in my lover’s arms, protected by their mass. I want to feel his kisses wiping away my tears.

Closer & closer my lover is getting to me. I can hear him now fighting against the very creatures that were attacking me. I grab my throat; he must not be injured or killed. I know I would not survive a life without him in it.

Both my lover & I fight to reclaim our freedoms from the blackness that threatens to swallow us. Our hearts beat stronger, our blood flows faster, our will to be together will not be denied.

With a concentrated thrust we each tear at the final wall the night has built between us. Our hands reach out for each other, our eyes connect. At long last I see my lover & he sees me, we smile & then begin to weep.

Through the vast cover of the darkness & all its participants have we not fought to reclaim what is ours? No longer will we be apart; we are victorious against the night.

He reaches for me & pulls me deep into his chest. I breathe him in deeply, his muscle bound arms wrap me securely. He screams into the night that I am his & no one will take me from him.

Tears of joy flow freely from my eyes now. I wrap my arms around him, begging him to never let me go. He holds my head up & kisses me tenderly. He tells me that our love is too strong for it to be killed so easily.

We walk out of the night, arm in arm. We go to that place that we hold dear. Into our home with the lights turned out we unclothe & recommit our love one to the other.

The night had its dark purpose, but it was no match for the strength of our love….my lover & I.

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  1. This is Leslie; I had a BLAST doing this! Thank u Kathy for this amazing opportunity.