Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Winner is...

Last month, we ran the Ten Minute Writing Prompt Contest and it is time to announce the winner.
But first, I'd like to give honorable mention to Beth Winokur, Robert Millet, and Rebecca Millet. Amazing short stories created in a short time.
The writing prompt was She grasped a handful of hair.

Robert wrote of an obsessed woman. His story made me wince and say ow. Beth's story was of a young woman about to fall to her death. It made me sad. Rebecca's story of a young child's mishap with her doll made me laugh and remember when I was a kid. Thank you all for sharing your creativity.

Congratulations goes to Leslie Brannon who wrote an intense dark moment of lovers in the night. Now anyone who knows me knows I am not a romantic, but I really grasped Leslie's passion and excitement for her writing.

 Leslie and I are going to meet later today to record her story for next Saturday's podcast. I'll add the transcript here along with the podcast. I'm very excited. More information to follow.

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