Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Daily Writing Prompt

The rules are simple. Set your timer for ten minutes. Begin to write and include the prompt somewhere in your mini story. The word he or she can be changed to reflect whatever gender you want to use. Optional: Share your writing prompt in the comment section. Write everyday.
Today's prompt is:

The sliver of wood protruded from his sole.

A dark, demon-like creature has possessed Sunshine's body since the day she was born. For seventeen years, she has watched from the outside as the Intruder has slowly wrecked her life. Risking it all, in an attempt to reclaim her body, Sunshine is sent to a mental institution where Intruders abound. In a constant struggle to learn who she is, Sunshine must take charge of her life while battling the Intruders. Can she do it and maintain her sanity?

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  1. Jasmine unloaded the clothes from the dryer into the barrel basket. She grimaced as her back straightened. A loud crack was audible. She hefted the barrel and made her way to the dining room table where she would fold the clothes.
    Mike sat at the table reading the local give-away paper. He leaned back in his chair with his bare feet propped on another chair. A cup of coffee, a half-filled ashtray, and unpaid bills cluttered the table top.
    The basket thudded when she dropped it on a chair. It bumped the table causing the coffee to slosh.
    “What the hell, Jasmine? Do you mind?” He glanced away from her quickly. It was going to be one of those days. She stood in what he called her pissed stance. Taller than normal. Her eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of her head. Her nostrils flared. Only her bottom teeth could be seen through her full lips. Her fists were clenched.
    “It’s bad enough that I’m the only one who does the chores around here because I want them done. I am not going to take any shit from you. Get off your damn lazy ass, go out to the shed and make yourself useful before I throw you and your shit out the door. “
    Mike didn’t hesitate. He knew the next step she would take would be throwing the closest object.
    He sprinted out the door, down the steps, and across the yard where he stopped with a yowl. Pain seared through his foot. He dropped to the ground to inspect the damage. The sliver of wood protruded from his sole.