Monday, June 20, 2016

Daily Writing Prompt

The rules are simple. Set your timer for ten minutes. Begin to write and include the prompt somewhere in your mini story. The word he or she can be changed to reflect whatever gender you want to use. Optional: Share your writing prompt in the comment section. Write everyday.
Today's prompt is:

You have lost your mind and I don't know how to tell you.

A dark, demon-like creature has possessed Sunshine's body since the day she was born. For seventeen years, she has watched from the outside as the Intruder has slowly wrecked her life. Risking it all, in an attempt to reclaim her body, Sunshine is sent to a mental institution where Intruders abound. In a constant struggle to learn who she is, Sunshine must take charge of her life while battling the Intruders. Can she do it and maintain her sanity?

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  1. Sally’s fingers grasped her hair by the roots and pulled. She twisted in her chair. “You don’t understand. You didn’t see what I saw.” She twisted again. Her blood shot eyes scanned the ceiling.
    Rick pulled her hands away from her head. “It’s okay now. You’re safe with me.” He hunkered down to her level and tried to pull the trembling woman close.
    Sally yanked away. “I’m not safe. You’re not safe. No one is safe with that … “ Drool slipped from the side of her mouth. She wiped it away with the back of her hand. She leaned in close and whispered. “That rabbit is direct from Hell and he’s going to kill everyone.”
    Rick leaned back. “Rabbit?”
    Sally’s head nodded in the same rhytm as the Daryl Dixon bobble head sitting on the shelf beside her.
    Rick let out a loud sigh. “Lord, Sally. You have lost your mind and I don’t know how to tell you that you have stepped off the deep end.
    Sally scurried to the back wall. “It’s here,” she hissed.