Friday, June 24, 2016

Daily Writing Prompt

The rules are simple. Set your timer for ten minutes. Begin to write and include the prompt somewhere in your mini story. The word he or she can be changed to reflect whatever gender you want to use. Optional: Share your writing prompt in the comment section. Write everyday.
Today's prompt is:

Is the microphone on?

Blackstone Resorts is a southern plantation built in the 1800's by the Reverend Charles Blackstone. It only opens its door to guests once every eight years. Guests soon discover they had walked into a Venus flytrap with no escape unless they repent their evil ways to the Reverend's satisfaction. The tradition continues two centuries later as eight unsuspecting guests arrive. Each recipient has his or her own reason for needing a quick escape from the outside world. Tension mounts quickly as they come face to face with their worst nightmare. Will they repent their evil ways or remain at Blackstone for the rest of their lives?

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  1. “Do you know what you’re going to say?” Flash asked his partner.
    “How hard can it be? I’m gong to wing it.” Sadie whipped her hair off her shoulders.
    Flash crossed his arms across his chest and stuck his bottom lip out.
    Sadie rolled her eyes and stamped her foot. “Don’t give me that attitude. It’s not a big deal.”
    “It is a big deal. You say the wrong thing and it could blow up in our face.”
    She grinned. Her left brow raised high. “So what you’re saying is we’ll be talk of the town.”
    “No, I’m saying we’ll be the talk of the country and we’ll be ruined.”
    Laughing, she picked up the mic and walked toward the stage. “Don’t be ridiculous. You can tell the tabloids I was under medication for depression and I had been drinking. Accidently, of course. The public eats that shit up. Next thing you know, I’ll be America’s darling.”
    She stepped on the stage. The high school stadium was full. The audience greeted her with silence.
    She raised her arm high and wave. “Hello students of Jerico.” The audience response was stunned silence.
    She repeated her greeting. She gave a little giggle. “Is the microphone on?” she asked.
    A boy sitting high in the bleacher called out, “It’s been on for the last half hour you had us sitting here for you to honor us with your presence.”