Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lights Out Movie Review

The trailer to Lights Out is super creepy. I made sure to see it in daylight hours because I'm a bit of a jellyfish and I expected to be afraid of my own shadow after the film. The plot was actually good, but the film lacked a good sound track. A lot of silent background weaken the fear factor. Best time to watch is a dark stormy night and be alone. To be fair, my office was filled with shadows  when I came home and I thought I had already forgotten the film, and yet... there was a long pause before I continued into the room.

Meanwhile I am still in search for that special scary movie to share with my friends who have never been scared. I'm not talking about gore films. I'm talking about the movie that makes you look under the bed while holding a bat, or making sure the door is locked before taking a shower.  Any suggestions?


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