Friday, July 29, 2016

So You've Published Your Book. Now What?

Congratulations on publishing you book. Now what do you do? Your book is floating in a sea amongst hundreds of thousands different books. What do you need to do to let readers know where to find your book?
I had the opportunity to attend an event with Paula Margulies who is a Public Relations consultant. She listens to the questions her clients have such as When is it Time to Hire a Publist? or Where do I begin?. She hears the same questions so often that she decided to write it all down and published The Tao of Book Publicity.

 Concise direct answers are placed  in stand alone chapters. Topics range from What Exactly is an Author Platform to Creating Your Press Release. It includes How To Make The Most of Your Book Signings and Events, When to Schedule Book Signings, Drafting  Q& A, Blog Tours, Conventions and Trade Shows, Book Trailers, and much more.

This is a handy reference book that I recommend to anyone who wants to promote their book.

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