Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Home Sewn by Cassandra Ellis Book Review

Every now and then I need to unplug and get crafty. Today's book review is  for the reader who enjoys what they can do with fabric.

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Bohemian chic is what came to mind when I first opened the book Home Sewn. There are 32 projects to inspire you. Lamp shades and  gilded silk organdy butterflies are but a few for the living area. I do like the butterflies. They are whimsical. For your resting area, there are patchwork organdy room dividers, pillowcases, a quilted headboard and more. The Eating and Sharing section includes a cotton, silk, and leather chandelier, tea towels, a hand-painted canvas floorcloth, and more.

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The best part of the book are the artistic pictures. Keep in mind, the beautiful pictures have nothing to do with the actual projects. For example a wooden swing under a tree or a set of stones, a dog on a blanket on the floor, a dried sunflower, a colander in the sink (fig1), and a view of the garden from a door (window?)  I get these pictures were possibly put at the beginning or end of section/projects, but I would have preferred the pages be used to show more detail of the projects. I liked the quilts. It would have been nice to have seen the completed project instead of a draped quilt with a fold (fig3). 

You may have noticed I underlined the word inspire at the beginning of this review. Inspire is what this book does. Instructions for for a lampshade cover consisted of buy a lampshade kit and watch the videos. Instructions for the cotton duvet is for the cover, not the duvet (which you purchase)The instructions in this book are minimal and you best have a clue as to what you are doing when it comes to sewing. Of course, you can always watch a how to video on YouTube.

Rating from 1 to 5: I give this book a 3. It needs less fluff and more detailed pictures and I don't mean holding a needle and thread in your hands.

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Disclaimer: This book was provided free by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

About this Author: Cassandra Ellis is a furniture and homewares designer, interiors stylist and author. Originally from New Zealand, Cassandra's studio is based in SW London, She works with independent craftspeople across Britain who make her furniture, textiles and other home goods.

Contact her at her webpage Follow her on Instagram  @cassandraellisstudio 

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