Friday, October 14, 2016

Demorn Cty of Innocents Book II by David Finn

Book 2 of the Asante series. Every Exile longs for their homeland. Even the Wandering Princess of the Swords! After two years, Demorn has escaped the doomed Grave Dimension with her friend and fellow gun-slinger, Alex. They are fleeing the clutches of an evil Elder God as a reality virus tears the dimension apart behind them. 
Two years is a long time for an Innocent. The Tyrant rules a burning city. Her city. Her beloved Babelzon. Escaping the Grave may have been no escape at all... Poisoned by a death god, every desperate deal Demorn has ever made will be called to account as she fights to save the Innocents from the depths of the Repeater Mall and the traps of ancient enemies.
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A lover of fantasy and science fiction, comics and classic movies, David's life has been drenched in pop culture and storytelling. From the moment David read a Grant Morrison comic at a lonely tennis court as a teen, there was no option but to weave stories of action and reality bending adventure. Everything from Conan the Barbarian tales to Julian May's classic time travel adventure series "Saga of the Exiles" through to PD James murder mystery books have been a powerful influence. 
As a writer, David seeks that sweet spot between fast moving action and character moments inside a vibrant fantasy world.  Follow on Twitter @redlantern2051

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