Monday, October 24, 2016

Silencing the Seam Book Review

Silencing the Seam by Kathleen Groger
Genre:Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Ghost
Publisher: Leaf and Thorn Press, October, 2016 211 pages

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Silencing the Seam is the second book of the Seam series. I have not read the first book Shattering the Seam. I just popped into the middle because that's how I roll. I was in the mood for a ghost story, but didn't want something that would terrify me. Although, I did have a couple of spooky moments after effect.
The story picks up with our protagonist Sam trying to adjust to her new found ability of being a medium. She inherited this power from her recently deceased grandmother. Her own mother thinks Sam is suffering from schizophrenia and is as crazy as her grandmother was. Along with trying to block out the dead from talking to her, Sam is constantly under the threat of being locked up in a padded room. She thinks she is escaping her mom's wrath by going to New Orleans with her father. Unfortunately, ghosts aren't the only danger she faces in New Orleans.
There is sufficient unwarranted guilt and a bit of whining cause that is what teenagers do. I like that this author did not give us pages of filler with Sam whining. The romance is low-key and quite realistic.
I like that Silencing the Seam is a stand alone book. There is enough back story weaved in a natural way that covers what happened before in Shattering the Seam. Enough so that I definitely want to read how this all began. The plot moves at a fair speed and the climax is a bit spectacular. The story has an ending and I'm sure there will be a book three. I would like to see where Sam's story goes from here. I want to know if the damage done can be healed.

I liked this story. At the end, I had to take a few moments to reflect and recover from the loss. Not to mention knowing I have a while to wait for book three.