Friday, October 28, 2016

Spells and Sorcery Book Review

Spells and Sorcery by S. Usher Evans
Genre: Teen / Fantasy
Publisher : Sun's Golden Ray Publishing, LLC (October 4, 2016)

Lexie Carrigan lives with her two sisters and her aunt. She thinks she is living a pretty normal life. Nothing exciting going on. School and sibling rivalry pretty much sums it up until the eve of her 15th birthday. This is when she learns that she is magical. Her whole family is magical. The conflict arises when the family expects her to accept this new tidbit of information and continue on as if nothing has changed. She receives no guidance and no instruction on how to control the purple electrical streams popping out of her fingertips. What could possibly go wrong? 

I found this story to be a good read. The story flows well as we are introduced to the characters and the inter-personal conflicts. It was nice to read about a teenager who wasn't boy-crazy, whining, or guilt-ridden. Her anger and/or frustrations were justified. I liked how you don't really know who is really the antagonist. Is it the man she meets in the park or is it the grandmother she has never met and why is everyone so afraid of her? 

With magic set aside, I found the family relationships realistic. Having finished the book, I'm looking forward to the next one. I'm curious as to where the characters will go from here and whether they will grow or wither. 

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  1. Thanks for hosting today, Kathy! This sounds like a fun read and it sounds like it has good character development! Glad you liked it! :)