Saturday, December 3, 2016

Book Review My Friends Are All Strange Margaret Lesh

My Friends Are All Strange by M. C. Lesh

Synopsis:Dark, funny, snarky, seventeen-year-old Becca struggles to cope with mental illness in MY FRIENDS ARE ALL STRANGE, the gripping contemporary young adult companion novel to NORMALISH.

Book Review:
Names, Characters, incidents, and locations within are from the author's imagination and are not a resemblance to actual living or dead persons, businesses, or events. Any similarity is coincidental.

Most fiction novels we read has this disclaimer in the beginning. This is the first book I've read that I found the statement necessary. I would have sworn this story was based on my niece as well as the young man she later married.

The novel paints a vivid picture of who these characters are and the reality of what they see and the pain they feel from their rejections and their losses. The story shows how desperate they are to hold on by a thread and the futility of realizing they will never ever be normal.

Teenagers can be ... well, little assholes to be perfectly frank. And yet, this story shows that even when they are dealing with their demons, they still have heart. They still try to love. They still want to be wanted.

I should say there are no assholes in this novel. The main character Becca may be a bit self destructive, but is not an asshole. Her father, the one person who could calm her, died a couple years ago. She is terrorized by a demon wizard trying to control her. She has no sleeping pattern because she doesn't sleep. She is striving to make good grades and studying for SAT. She has a mental breakdown. This story is about what she experiences and the people she meets while she recovers at a psychiatric care facility.

It is a sad state of affairs that our country has an abundance of mentally ill people. Perhaps this book can give you a little bit of insight into what they experience and with that obtain a fresh dosage of understanding.

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