Friday, December 9, 2016

Daily Ten-Minute Writing Prompt

The rules are simple. Set your timer for ten minutes. Begin to write and include the prompt somewhere in your mini story. The word he or she can be changed to reflect whatever gender you want to use. Optional: Share your writing prompt in the comment section. Have fun and write everyday.
Today's prompt is:

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Hybrid Monsters You know the songs. They're etched into every punk's brain. Not just because they're catchy, but because there's something else there. Glenn Danzig's lyrics evoke intense imagery. Beautiful, dark, monstery imagery. There's poetry between the whoa-oh-ohs. There are stories in those songs. They just need to be told.

Now, underground fiction's most talented fiends have created a series of tales inspired by the Misfits. In these pages, an astro zombie contemplates the life she left behind as she goes into flesh-ripping battle. A team of organ harvesters shows just how violent the world can be. A wannabe true crime reporter goes on a grisly road trip that takes him a little too close to his subject matter. A mysterious set of skulls pushes a young woman to create a collection of her very own. A teenager from mars excavates the fetid product of his earthly lust.

These new twists on the songs you love are sure to surprise, startle, sicken and force you to see this timeless horror punk in a completely different light.

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About one of the authors Christine Trace
Animals have beautiful ears.  Velvety works of art, or tucked away, almost invisible.
Human ears are weird.  Christine Trace's weird ears are always listening for the undercurrent in conversation.  Her strange hairless ears strain to hear sublime whispers of debauchery.  She resides in the Neo-romantic  ruins of her earthquake ravaged city, Christchurch, New Zealand.  In between writing serious stuff for magazines and websites, Ms Trace tickles her curious fancies creating stories of a more abhorrent nature.  During these crazed midnight writing sessions she longs to be tangled within the melodic voice of Glen Danzig.  You may find her on Twitter @MsC_Trace.

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