Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Grave Nature of Madness by Ian K. Sylus

Synopsis: Vampire folklore flares to life in Victorian England, 1860. Across all of London, a mysterious outbreak ravages every citizen; when a brilliant doctor comes to their aid, freeing them from the legendary gray plague, nobody bats an eye. Doctor Dratch, their savior, takes with him a nearly infantile boy--the last of the afflicted, poised to be burned alive if captured by the hostile inoculated. Fifteen years pass, all spent in vain relocation. There's one man with more vendetta in his blood than a lifetime of war casualties could ever hope to muster, aimed directly at the savior doctor, and he will not be left unheard.

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About the Author: For more information about this author, visit his author page or follow on Twitter at @IanKSylus

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