Sunday, December 18, 2016

Typewriter Sounds On Your Mac

I admit that I do love my mac computer and keyboard. I still have a couple of typewriters: the Underwood, a manual, and an electric. They are fun to play with, but I would never get any real work done on them. Keys jam and you do need some serious finger muscle to get those keys punched all the way down. Yet, I miss the typewriter sound. It has a soothing quality. The constant tapping sound creates a rhythm and adds a substance to the words appearing on a screen.

As technology has advanced and changed over the years, I have found myself accustomed to downloading apps for everything. And there is an app for everything. Finding a typewriter sound has been difficult, but I did find one. A bit pricey at $22, but I happily paid the price. And then I rarely used it because I'm lazy and had to find the right button to push and it wasn't worth the hassle.

It didn't help when I had to replace the hard drive. Where the heck did I put the license number and where did I download it from? More hassle. But because I'm in the process of procrastinating (Need to be honest.) I searched again.

Lo and behold, I don't need a silly program installed. It's already on the Mac. All you need to do is turn it on.

It's a simple two steps:

Step 1: Turn on “Play user interface sounds” in System Preferences, under Sound -> Sound Effects.

Step 2: Turn on “Slow Keys” under Access -> Keyboard, turn on “Use click key sounds”, and move the acceptance delay slider all the way towards the “Short” end. Unless, of course, you’d like to play around with slow keys to see what it does.

Granted you don't get the loud ding sound when you hit the return carriage, but other than that, the tap tap is right on.

So save your money, change your system preference and you too can have the sound of a typewriter on your mac computer. 

The next big question is Do I continue to procrastinate and hunt down the answer on how to hook up my headset that is not usb to my desktop or do I finish the darn story? 

So many choices. 

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