Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Arachnohazard by Wren Cavanagh

Arachnohazard by Wren Cavanaugh

The new enemy reproduces in a myriad of ways and the latest offsprings of its creator is a fast intelligent and deadly vector for a zoonotic teratogenic disease that could alter the shape of mankind to its extinction.

Aneni and Devon, Helena and Albert with the people of Spider Bay and the world at large never thought they would  come into contact with an organism so virulent and adaptable that it would threaten their existence in matter of weeks.

They will have to take on a psychopatic scientist head on in order to survive and attempt to stop the threat from becoming a world wide event.

If they fail. They'll lose everything.

13th Floor Books Amazon Review said: A slightly unhinged insect biologist creates an entirely new species of flying spider the size of a large rat, that uses small animals and humans as incubation for the next generation. From the imaginative mind of first-time author Wren Cavanagh comes the Mutant Spiders From Hell story to beat all others. Hollywood should take note of this one, as it makes the film ARACHNOPHOBIA look like a Boy Scout campout.

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