Friday, April 7, 2017

Ring Around the Rosy by W.B. Cushman

Ring Around the Rosy by W.B. Cushman
Genre: Science Fiction / Dystopian

Rosy is in her wheelchair, Matt is her nerdy attendant for the summer, Home Slice has Down Syndrome. They are underground in an aquarium when the sun burns through the Earth’s atmosphere and cooks the entire, 24-hour rolling planet. They make their way to the burned surface, miraculously find a way to keep Rosy’s chair charged and, after discovering their families and homes and everything they knew is gone, find their way to the ruins of a school in their hometown of Marion, Massachusetts. There they meet up with four younger boys, and when one of them discovers a still working portable radio in the ruins of a basement the group scans the dial and finds just one station still broadcasting – WANN in Rockport. That leads the group of seven on a journey across the state, and along the way they are joined by a family hiding in the underground Tube, and later, an alcoholic scientist who has given up on life. It’s just possible, they all come to believe, that one parent remains alive – in Rockport. This is a story of hope in a seemingly hopeless world, and faith – faith in each other, and, eventually, faith in miracles.

About the author: Speculative fiction writer, author of "Ring Around the Rosy". Abstract artist/ storytelling blogger. Disability patriot. Married. Dreamer. Lifelong Red Sox fan.
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