Sunday, May 21, 2017

Traitors of Sol by J. Porteous

Traitors of Sol by J. Porteous

Release date - July 31st /2017

Synopsis - The Space Bastards are running out of luck and money, and are desperately taking on any contract they can get. What starts as a standard evacuation contract soon spirals into something wildly different. A prophecy, which has long since drifted into legend, begins to show signs of truth. A new and unimaginable horror is bleeding into their universe, and it's down to the motley crew of the Space Bastards to stop it.

The crew are soon finding their loyalties divided, as this new threat insidiously attempts to subvert their mission. Little do they know, as they race to collect the remaining stones, that other factions are at play in this deadly game. The adventure will take them to the darkest corners of their own universe, and into the unknown realm of others.

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About the author:  - J. Porteous lives in the South West of England. He was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by trees, fields, and greenery of all types, providing ample inspiration to feed his imagination. Having spent years writing on and off, he finally sat down and actually finished something. He mostly writes science fiction, but has ideas in the works for dark fantasy, and is currently working on numerous horror tales for the tail end of 2017.

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