Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Eyes of the Sea: Twins of Telluria by Alberto Guaita Tello

The Eyes of the Sea: Twins of Telluria by Albert Guaita Tello
genre: science fiction / fantasy 
In the early 1970’s, on the coast of Cameroon, young Fanya and her grandmother, Simone the tribal healer, find a wounded, unconscious being lying on the beach, tangled in a mass of seaweed. The strange creature is human-like and goes by the name of Sharduk. Together, the two women will try to save Sharduk’s life, healing his wounds and hiding him in the mangrove swamp. When he awakes, he will tell them the story of the distant world he comes from, Telluria, and how he came to ours through a mysterious portal called a crossing point. Fanya and the convalescent Sharduk soon fall in love, but due to dangerous circumstances he must leave her, promising to return with a safe means for them to travel together back to his world through the underwater crossing point that had brought him here. Thus begins an epic story full of adventure, romance, African magic, and science fiction, with surprising twists and turns along the way. It’s a tale that will take us to the new worlds and new mysteries of each of its characters, who find themselves confronting prejudice in their different societies, as well as terrible enemies.

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About the author:  

Alberto Guaita Tello was born in Zaragoza, Spain. He spent his first seven years, which he
remembers as “gray but happy,” in the cities of Madrid and Calahorra. The rest of his childhood and his early teens were spent in Cameroon, at the missions his parents administered in that country.
There, together with his brothers and sister, he experienced complete cultural immersion and enjoyed endless hours of listening to stories and legends.

He soon began to invent his own tales to share in the storytelling sessions, which usually occurred around an open fire somewhere in the jungle.

Today, Alberto and his wife live in a country cottage in the highlands of Cantabria, in Northern Spain. He is currently writing the second volume of Twins of Telluria and preparing a collection of children’s stories, Tales of the Forest of Zamina, for publication.

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