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Interview with Rick Carufel, Author of GMO Killerz

GMO Killerz by Rick Carufel

It's the happy little story of a beautiful young girl who does very well for herself torturing her slaves with her needles and pins. It's a story about a couple of alcoholic Minnesota detectives; one who loves her job and the other knows the job is killing him. It's about a geneticist who loses his mind as he gains the power to control people, making them DNA zombies. It's about a genetic soup designed to allow people to be completely controlled in the hands of a madman hellbent on world domination and how two gumshoes, who do some of their best detectiving behind a bottle of scotch, with the help of a psycho elfish beauty, twin cannibal, mentally-challenged, giants and a two-headed dwarven hunchback, thwart his evil plans. All in Minnesota, ya know.

Interview with Rick Carufel

When did you decide to start writing stories?Ever since I was a kid I had always planned to write. I finally started writing when I had knee surgery
in 2005.

Why horror and suspense versus the other genres?I choose horror because it's my favorite genre to read, followed by SciFi and Fantasy. It also has to do with where I'm from. H.P. Lovecraft had a big following in the Providence area and I come from Pawtucket just east of where Lovecraft lived. I used to hang out on the East Side of Providence in my teens and know the area well. In the 60s we used to do acid and go tripping in Swan Point Cemetery where he's buried.

Who is your favorite character in GMO Killerz and why?My favorite character in GMO Killerz is Marissa Pfundskiller. She is an anti-hero, 5 ft tall, 100 lbs with green eyes and a shock of wild black hair, Looking very much like a dark elf. She has a brain disorder that make her sadistic, vicious and fearless. She supports herself by torturing people who pay her to do so. She is incredibly fast and strong, and very beautiful.

What are your plans for the next writing project?
I am currently involved with a WIP, which features Marissa and also my two Detectives who also appear in The GMO Killerz.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question?
You forgot to ask for a sneak peek of the WIP. :) The tale is about an unspeakable evil from beyond space and time that opens a portal into our world that is hiding in the Mississippi River by Wabasha, MN and eating people. One of Marissa's entourage, a giant, half of twins, with Down's syndrome, who was injured by the creature, is what gets Marissa involved. She is out to kill it for hurting her baby as she calls him.

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs, don't have one at the moment. I love the little dog people. 😀

Thank you Rick for taking the time to answer my questions. 

Rick Carufel (1951- ) Born in Pawtucket RI, Rick started traveling in the 1970s. He has lived in California, Arizona, Oregon, Hawaii and now resides in Minnesota. During that time he made a living as an artist and sign painter. After a knee injury in 2005 he had plenty of time to write while recovering. He has been an Amazon best seller, a Bram Stoker award nominee, and has won best of show for his art.

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