Monday, September 11, 2017

Lisa Lieberman Top Ten Reasons She Loves Being a Writer

I had the pleasure of asking Lisa Lieberman, author of All the Wrong Places and Burning Cold, her top ten reasons she loves being a writer. I find her to be a fascinating person with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Writer
~Lisa Lieberman~
1. Inviting readers into my imaginary world and introducing them to my imaginary friends.

2. Research for my Hollywood-themed mystery series entails watching old movies in the middle of the afternoon.

3. Some days, when I’m really inspired, I don’t get out of my bathrobe.

4. Random memories get woven into my stories and often turn out to be crucial pieces of the puzzle. I’ve learned to trust my unconscious.

5. I’m always learning from other authors, studying their moves and setting the bar higher for myself.

6. I love teaching young writers, giving them permission to boldly go (I was a big fan of Star Trek) where they’ve never gone before.

7. Writing can be a lonely business, but I belong to a fabulous mystery writing
community, Sisters in Crime.

8. I’ve had the privilege of working with some wonderful editors over the years.
They’ve made me a better writer by entering into my stories, figuring out what I was
trying to do and then showing me how to do it better.

9. Nothing compares to the joy of holding your new book in your hands, seeing your
name on the title page, flipping through the pages and seeing your own words,
nicely laid out and waiting to be savored.

10. When the world gets to be too much for me, I always have someplace to go.


Burning Cold
Lisa Lieberman
(Cara Walden Mystery, #2)
Publication date: September 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Historical, Mystery
Budapest: 1956. Newlywed Cara Walden’s brother Zoltán has disappeared in the middle of the Hungarian revolution, harboring a deadly wartime secret. Will Cara or the Soviets find him first?
Cutting short her honeymoon in Paris to rescue a sibling she’s never met was not Cara’s idea, but her husband Jakub has a reckless streak, and she is too much in love to question his judgment. Together with her older brother Gray, they venture behind the Iron Curtain, seeking clues to Zoltán’s whereabouts among his circle of fellow dissidents, all victims of the recently overthrown Communist regime. One of them betrayed him, and Cara realizes that the investigation has put every person they’ve met at risk. Inadvertently, they’ve also unmasked a Russian spy, who is now tailing them in the hope that they will lead him to Zoltán.
The noir film of Graham Greene’s The Third Man inspires Lisa Lieberman’s historical thriller. Burning Cold features a compelling female protagonist who comes to know her own strength in the course of her adventures.

Author Bio:
Lisa Lieberman is the author of the Cara Walden series of historical mysteries featuring blacklisted Hollywood people in exotic European locales. All the Wrong Places and Burning Cold are available from Passport Press in print and e-book.
Trained as a modern European cultural and intellectual historian, Lieberman abandoned a perfectly respectable academic career for the life of a vicarious adventurer through dangerous times and places. She has written extensively on postwar Europe and is the founder of the classic movie blog Deathless Prose. She now directs a nonprofit foundation dedicated to redressing racial and economic inequity in public elementary and secondary schools. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America.
After dragging their three children all over Europe while they were growing up, Lisa and her husband are happily settled in Amherst, Massachusetts.



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  2. Thanks for hosting me, Kathy. I had fun coming up with my top ten reasons I love being a writer.