Saturday, October 28, 2017

Daily Word Prompt

Set your timer for ten minutes and start writing. Include the word somewhere in your story.
Good luck and have fun. I hope you find a story inside you that grows to be much more. I would love to read the story the word prompt inspires

Today's Word is:

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1 comment:

  1. Here's my ten-minute story. It's not complete, edited, and is first draft. Just a writing exercise.
    Little 3 year old Edith ran down the hallway shouting, “Where are my coconuts? I need my cocoanuts.” Tears streamed down her cherub face.
    “Better find those coconuts before she has a full out melt-down.”
    Edith was the youngest of three granddaughters and she ruled the nest. No one could reach the high pitch scream of agony her little lungs could put out and Grandma did her best to make sure the child had no need to use her super powers. Grandpa felt the child needed a good swift swat on the butt, but he also knew if he raised a hand, Grandma would be raising a frying pan to his head. He didn’t dare interfer without bringing out his wife’s wrath.
    Grandma bent over looking under the couch. Her wide derriere making the perfect target for a boot. “Here’s your shoes, little one.”
    “Thank you,” she shouted. Edith jumped up on the couch and stuck out her feet. Grandma sat down and put the shoes on.
    Grandpa looked at the little blue shoes dotted with white, pink, and purple spots. “Don’t you think she should be putting on her own shoes?”
    Grandma glared at him. He snorted. “I expect you’ll be putting them on when she’s in