Sunday, October 29, 2017

Daily Word Prompt

Set your timer for ten minutes and start writing. Include the word somewhere in your story.
Good luck and have fun. I hope you find a story inside you that grows to be much more. I would love to read the story the word prompt inspires

Today's Word is:

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1 comment:

  1. Santa Clause, formerly known as the hot guy, across the street isn’t fooling anyone. The weight started piling on his once fit body when he stopped smoking and moved in with his mom. He stepped out the front door this morning and headed to the front of his car. Bending towards the front of the car hood, he retrieved a pack of cigarretes he stashed.
    His neck muscles stretched as he leaned his head back exhaling the cigarrette smoke. The plume rose high above his head.
    The birds flitted in the tree singing alarms. Santa Clause smiled. The sun was warming up. The morning chill a shadow of its former self. He finished the cigarette. He crushed the burning end on the side of the brick wall and buried it in the dirt. No one would suspect a thing.
    But he was wrong. He had forgotten about the neighbor across the street. She saw everything. He didn’t pay her much mind. She was elderly and near sighted, minded her own business or so he thought. He didn’t know about the cameras or that she watched every move he made. He didn’t know she had seen him the night he carried in the body.