Monday, November 13, 2017

Mark Taylor Interview

Mark Taylor’s debut novel, Shutter Speed, crash landed on planet earth in 2013. Its dark brooding style benchmarked his writing and has led to further releases of novel and short story collection alike. 
While most of Mark’s work is macabre, occasion has it that he will write about kittens and daisies. Just not very often. 
Some say he is a product of his environment, others, a product of his own imagination. 
Whichever it is he works happily, portraying dark existences on this planet and others. He relays his fears and doubts on his characters, so always has a smile. If Mark is real, as some say he is, you might find him in England. 

When did you decide to start writing stories?

I started way back. It was something I really enjoyed doing when I was in school – but things changed, I ended up playing lead in a metal band (!) – and I came back to it in my thirties. I started with short stories – the industry was different then – even though it was not so long ago – and did a lot of work with small presses. I still write some shorts, but I favour the novella and novel now. It gives me room to stretch my legs.

Why fantasy versus the other genres?

I write in several genres – but mostly fantasy and horror. Fantasy is a massive draw for me because I while I write a lot of horror I do still want to write about kittens and fluffy things (lol) – it allows me a freedom that horror negates.

Who is your favorite character in Witches Tea Party and why? (BTW I love this title.)

Who doesn’t love Excalibur? She’s without doubt my favorite. She knows what she wants and takes it. Bad ass. And thank you! 

What are your plans for the next writing project?

Well, you caught me at a critical time for my projects. I’m currently wrapping ‘Jill’ the next novella in the Short/Cut series (My first shot at extreme horror), and the sequel to Tea Party is in the works – Blood of the Covenant. I’m also editing Vampire Blue – my next novel – and the paperback of the complete Devil’s Hand series. After that? Who knows!

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question?

Hmm, maybe, ‘Where do you find your inspiration?’ And my answer is, everywhere. I love writing – and like a lot of indie authors I have a day job and a family and a million other things to do – and that is where I get it. Bad day at the office? Change the names and kill ‘em.

Dogs or Cats? 
Cats! I have a little floof bean baby called Sam. He’s like 36 months. Still my baby. 

Mark's social media links:  Website Facebook and Twitter

In Salem, 1692, Marie-Anne witnessed the death of her friend and confidant, Sarah Good. Charged with being a witch, Sarah goes to the gallows to protect Marie-Anne, a true witch. 

Three hundred years later, Marie-Anne, under the name Mary Anson, vows to put things right. 

With a new coven - Dina, Excalibur, and Lady - Mary puts in motion the steps to right what went wrong...and what followers is a chase across the country, a chase against time, pursued by monsters and darkness... 

...will Mary put things right? 
...or will she die trying?

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  1. I love your approach to bad days at the office - change the names and kill them :-) Adorable kitty.