Thursday, December 21, 2017

Interview with Deb Graham

Today's author is Deb Graham, author of the cozy mysteries, Peril in Paradise and Murder on Deck.

In addition to the cozy mysteries, Deb is also a strong advocate of indie publishing and is the author of a heaping handful (14!) of non-fiction books, including cruise travel guide books laced with stories about her innocent (so he says) husband, a book on how to write one’s personal story, how to complain, and several cookbooks, science, and craft books with her beloved grandchildren in mind. Deb’s background in high-energy stand-up comedy spills into her writings, and she’s in demand as a public speaker.

Current projects include a generational story told through the antique cookie cutter collection, a hand pie cook book, and another cruise with Jerria and Will, this time to the Canadian Maritimes.

Deb’s superpowers include: being able to spell-check and grammar-check with her brain; heading up the making of 1006 quilts for Project Linus; a quick mind that enables her to improvise on a dime; and her talent as a skilled bargain hunter, including being able to find name brand items with store tags still on them in second hand stores with laser focus.

Deb loves travel, anywhere that involves a suitcase, or –better yet—a passport. She has three grown kids, and seven grandchildren who are cuter than yours. It seems that many cozy mystery flyleafs tell that the author lives with a spouse and assorted cats. Deb Graham loves her author husband, but sadly, has no cats.

 When did you decide to start writing stories? I’ve written as far back as I could hold a pencil. My first grade teacher liked a one-act play I wrote so well, she had the whole class act it out. Not bad, when the other kids were learning ABCs.

Why cozies versus the other genres? I write what I enjoy reading. I’m very prone to nightmares –and creative enough to script my own, thank you very much!- so I am drawn to stories that have intrigue and interest without scaring my daylights out. Plus, I love a good, warm, relatable character, and cozy mysteries tend to have those,. You’re going to love Jerria Danson!

 Who is your favorite character in Peril in Paradise and why? Peril in Paradise takes place on a cruise to Hawaii, with descriptions rich enough to plan your own cruise. I like Jerria, the mild, unassuming but sad real estate agent who gets sucked into something bigger than she is, but I must say I like the quirky cruise director best. Cinci is fast-talking, quick-thinking, somewhat bumbling, with a heart bigger than the Montana sky...a lot like me.

What are your plans for the next writing project? I’m in the middle of two novels, yes, at the same time. A third in the Jerria Danson series will be on a cruise to the Canadian Maritimes, and I’m working on a multi-generational saga told through the antique cookie cutter collection’s viewpoint.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question? “What advice can you offer for both writers and readers?” For writers, the key is to write every day, even if it’s just a few lines. That way, while you’re off doing other things, your subconscious mind can work out plot lines, dialogue, etc; effortless multitasking. For readers: the best way to support authors is by leaving a review. They mean more than you know!

Dogs or Cats?  Cats, definitely!

Where can your readers find you on social media? 

More About Peril in Paradise

Jerria didn’t plan on her youngest son leaving for college two years early, and across the country, no  less! Recognizing her real-estate agent husband’s attempt to cheer her up, Jerria agrees to a Hawaiian cruise. Will loves her desperately, and does all he can to make the trip memorable. Wait’ll you see what he did to their cruise cabin! Will buys Jerria a necklace at the Honolulu Swap Meet, and that's when the trouble begins. A simple cruise shouldn't put Jerria's very life in danger, and they can’t blame the mythical Pele for this one.

More of a HOWdunnit than a WHOdunnit, you’ll relate to the characters, from almost-grandmother Jerria to the quirky Cruise Director, to the starchy captain who freely admits he smuggles contraband onboard, to Nan, 100% Hawaiian and superstitious to the core, to Will, Jerria’s adoring husband, who’ll do anything to make his wife smile again.

Murder on Deck: A Cruise Novel

Oh, not again.
When mild real estate agent Jerria and her husband embark on an Alaskan cruise with friends, she can’t wait to enjoy one last vacation before the demands of a big change at home swamp her. But against Alaska’s beauty, passengers begin suffering from a rash of illness that is more than routine Mal de Mer. Jerria suspects they are being systematically poisoned. Can she discover who’s behind the nefarious plan before succumbing to it herself?
Come along as Jerria experiences the Great Land day by day, with details rich enough to plan your own Alaskan cruise...minus the exotic poison.

Daily Writing Prompt

Set your timer for ten minutes and start writing. Include the word somewhere in your story.
Good luck and have fun. I hope you find a story inside you that grows to be much more. I would love to read the story the word prompt inspires.

Today's Word is:
snow angel

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