Thursday, January 18, 2018

Interview with Alia Hess

Alia Hess grew up in the middle of the Idaho desert and spent her hour-long bus rides to and from
school reading books on UFOs and the paranormal. As she grew older and developed a passion for art and writing, she never shook her love of the fantastic and unknown. She lives with her son in a tiny town in Nevada, where she works as an elementary art teacher and freelance artist. Alia was named after Alia Atreides from Dune, by Frank Herbert. She is a voracious reader of post-apocalyptic stories, and loves video games, psychobilly music, and the sad beauty of abandoned places.

When did you decide to start writing stories? Although I wrote quite a bit in my teens, I stopped for a long time and only picked it up again last year. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and writing became an escape for me and helped me through my anxiety and depression.

Why sci-fi versus the other genres? Although my Travelers series has elements of several different genres, sci-fi has always been my preference in both reading and writing. I love weird creatures and fantastical landscapes. Post-apocalyptic settings are my favorite.

 Who is your favorite character in Travelers and why? My favorite character is Sasha Roborovskiy. He is a supporting character in Travelers, but I loved him so much that I decided to make him the main character of the sequel, Chromeheart. He's my favorite because his many flaws make him human and an underdog to root for. He's colorful and funny, and although he often has a hard time deciding what is "right", he's determined to be the best person he can be and lift others up in the process.

 What are your plans for the next writing project? I am currently in the middle of drafting the third and final Travelers book. In addition to that, I have quite a few ink illustrations to draw for the sequel, and I would like to write more short story prequels for my newsletter subscribers.

 What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question? Perhaps what inspired me to write Travelers in the first place. My answer is that I had an idea of a woman falling down a hill in the desert and being rescued by a strange man. That tiny idea seed flourished into what will be a three book series. I also drew inspiration from the rocky deserts where I've lived all my life, and the beauty of abandoned places. I chose to write the stories in a literary fashion, with a close focus on the characters' experiences and feelings, because I feel that the characters are the most important part of any story.

 Dogs or Cats?  Rats! My pet rat, Moonstone, passed away earlier this year. He was a sweet little guy that would beg for snacks and liked to snuggle in my lap.

 Where can your readers find you on social media? Travelers has a Facebook page where I frequently post updates, artwork, and hold giveaways: and also an official website: You can also sign up for the Newsletter at my website (I have a free short story prequel to Travelers, called Paper, that subscribers get when they sign up.)

 Owl Melonvine is lost and alone in the barren deserts of post-apocalyptic America until an accident drops her into the hands of a mysterious Islander with no name. With his imposing stature and unknown intentions—and past mistakes haunting her—she is hesitant to accept help but has no other choice. Traveling together along buckled highways and through overgrown ruins, secrets are shared, pasts are explored, and feelings creep into damaged hearts. Getting to her destination is not an easy task, even with her sarcastic and gentlemanly companion at her side. Dangerous and bizarre things wait at each turn of the road, and Owl’s past choices travel with her. Will the miles she walks put enough distance between her and old wounds? And does road’s end lead to a new love and new life?

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