Thursday, January 4, 2018

Interview with Holly Kelly

Today I'm interviewing best selling author Holly Kelly, author of mythological Rising Series, Cursed by the Fountain of Youth and Beauty and the Horseman's Head.

When did you decide to start writing stories?

I’ve always had stories floating around inside my head, and have been an avid reader since junior high school. But, I didn’t start seriously writing until I was in my thirties. I was reading an online article with a chapter that had been cut from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It was rough and unedited, and it was—in my opinion—awful! (And I loved the Twilight books.)

It got me thinking, “I could write better than that.” And then that thought led to another: “If Stephenie Meyer could write that bad and still write a best-selling novel, why couldn’t I?”

I learned real fast that writing well was not as easy as I thought. It took me writing three full novels (with countless rewrites) before I started to feel competent. My fourth novel got published.

Why horror versus the other genres?
I actually love a variety of genres and also write a variety. Horror appeals to me for the fact that it pushes characters to their limits. Horror puts characters into the most difficult circumstances you can imagine and then shows how they struggle to survive. Not just survive, but overcome—often through being willing to sacrifice their own life to save others.

Who is your favorite character in Cursed by the Fountain of Youth and why?

Fae is my favorite character. She came from very difficult circumstances and instead of lying down and accepting how terrible her life was, she rose above. She distanced herself from the woman who raised her—a woman who was so disturbed that she was abusive. Then Fae enrolled in college and actively worked toward her goal of going into law enforcement.

Fae has a strength of character that I can only hope to have.

What are your plans for the next writing project?

Right now, I’m working on a spin-off from my #1 Best-selling, mythological Rising series. It involves gods, demigods, and mermaids fighting for their lives and falling in love.It's quite the adventure, and I'm loving writing in this world.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question?

What would you say to someone who wants to be an author but doesn’t think they have what it takes?

I know exactly how you feel. I never liked my English classes and didn’t do well with grammar. Oh, and I really didn’t like reading the classics. And then, despite the fact that I enjoyed writing and tried my best in my creative writing class, I pulled a less-than-stellar C out of the class. Notwithstanding all the signs that said I didn’t have what it takes, I wrote anyway. And I kept writing—a lot. And what kept me going what my ability to see that I was improving. Eventually, I improved enough to write something that a publisher wanted to publish. And my first published work became a best-seller—with 130,000 copies being downloaded.

Basically, my point is that if you want something bad enough, don’t let others discourage you. You keep working at achieving your goal and don’t look back and don’t listen to naysayers.

Dogs or Cats?
Both. I have two cats I love and a dog that I adore.

Where can your readers find you on social media?They can find me on Facebook  and  Blogger. They can also find me on my website at

For centuries, countless adventurers have searched for the Fountain of Youth. Those who found it thought they would gain eternal life. Instead, they find themselves murdered by its guardians. There was, however, one, lone survivor—Fae Miller. As an infant, she not only survived the Fountain, she took its power.
Twenty-two years later, Fae is hiding in plain sight at a local college. She is determined to leave the past behind her and live a normal life. But for one dying man, the search for the Fountain of Youth continues, and he is leaving a trail of blood and mutilated bodies in his wake. Unfortunately, that trail leads directly to Fae. Her only hope is a young, new college professor, also known as Special Agent Nick Chase of the FBI. Nick is determined to do two things: keep Fae alive and keep his relationship with his student professional. Both of these jobs prove difficult—especially when love and magic get involved.

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