Thursday, January 11, 2018

Interview with MJ Hague

My interview today is with MJ Hague, author of the military thriller, Call Me Ghost. 

MJ HAGUE was born in Minnesota on August 19, 1974. His Mom was an substitute English teacher, before becoming a stay at home mom and his dad worked in the Electronics field. MJ learned his passion for reading from his dad and his ability to write from his mom. After growing up in small towns in Minnesota, MJ spent a short time in the US Army and then moved west to Washington State, where he has spent his time working in the Ultrasound industry.

MJ, a storyteller from an early age, finally has started to publish his stories as a way to share them with others. He hopes that others will enjoy reading them at least half as much as he enjoys telling them.

When did you decide to start writing stories?
In 1990, while in high school, I wrote a story that got published in the school paper. That started the itch to write.

Why military fiction versus the other genres?
Military fiction seemed like the right choice for me. Most of what I had read up to this point falls in the thriller and military genres. I figured it would be the easiest to write.

Who is your favorite character in Call Me Ghost and why?
That is tough, Lester or Daniel. Lester is the main character and hero of the story. Daniel is the main villain and he was fun to write.

What are your plans for the next writing project?
My second book is in process right now and it is set in the near future from my first book, with some of the characters from my first book and it also introduces new characters as well.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question?
What is your favorite drink? Coca-Cola

Dogs or Cats?
 Love dogs, but haven’t had a pet in many years as I live in an apartment and refuse to force the dog to live locked in the apartment all day while I am at work.

Find out more about MJ Hague at  facebook  twitter and his  website.

​Call Me Ghost, is a military thriller where trust is broken, brother is pitted against brother and two brothers are given the task to right the wrong caused by the actions of another brother, who during a fight kills their team leader. Both brothers have different ideas on how best to resolve the conflict. One brother wants to resolve it within the confines of the law, while the other brother’s idea of justice is more of an eye for an eye. Each brother will have to decide how far they are willing to go and they will have to live with the consequences of their own actions… knowing that their decisions will change their lives, forever! Call Me Ghost, is a story filled with action from the start that does not let you catch your breath easily and holds the accelerator down to the floor the whole time. A cliff-hanger ending sets the stage for MJ Hague’s second book, leaving the reader crying out for more! Coffee lovers will love it. Funny, action packed, and with enough killing to encourage the readers not to become too invested in the characters as they might not last the chapter…just sayin’.

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