Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Q&A with Bob Collopy

Today's Q&A is with Q&A with Bob Collopy, author of the dystopian sci-fi novel The Phoenix Cycle.

When did you decide to start writing stories?
I started my first story at 6 years old. It was a comic book called "Star Fleet." Apparently evil aliens attacked earth and so earth made spaceships from all the forests...and so we beat the invaders with our wooden space ships. Basically a pulitzer waiting to happen.

Why science fiction  versus the other genres?
I think everything we've been growing up thinking would happen to us soon, might actually happen to us soon now. From what I'm seeing in my own career industry, the world is going to drastically change in about 7 years.

Who is your favorite character in  The Phoenix Cycle: The Best Shall Rise and why?
It's gotta be Ramfort. He is my spirit animal. Line is a close second. He is my anti-spirit animal.

What are your plans for the next writing project?
I will either pick up where I left off on this book or I will create a novella called "The Department of Smoke" that follows Line (the radio host) and his rise to power within the Inner Circle.
I am also making a TV show, but that's something completely different.

What question do you wish I had asked you and what is the answer to that question?
Who are my characters really? The characters I have written are deceptively complex. I think a lot of people skimming the book will miss this, but it's the biggest present my book can give. Every main character is based on a philosopher and/or a philosophy. So when they fight one another, the fight isn't just between characters, but between different philosophies. This was EXTREMELY hard to do at a level I thought would do justice to each philosophy/philosopher. I hold all of them in such high respect. I had to read stacks of books many times, annotate them, write papers, take classes, and read many philosopher biographies to pull this off. I had to truly know who they were before I put them in the book and used their belief systems.
What is nice is that excerpts of my book have been used by philosophy departments in a few colleges in London. So at least I did it well enough to where I can be present in such circles.

Dogs or Cats?  
My beloved Roomba. Best pet ever. She cleans up after ME!

The Phoenix Cycle: The Best Shall Rise
By Bob Collopy
Genre: Dystopian, New Adult, Sci-fi, (mature YA)

New San Francisco is the last city standing on a world ravaged by storms of ash and debris. The city survived by putting the ideals of the American dream on steroids and inspiring its people to persevere, though they have become ruthless in the process. Its citizens are ruled by the General, who has made sure that his people understand that gentleness and pity have become weaknesses that nature no longer tolerates.

Now Steve and Leslie must choose whether they will apply for the General’s once in a lifetime opportunity to “Rise from the Ashes” and join the Inner Circle that rules the city. If they don’t, they will be damned to spend the rest of their lives in the ghettos of Edingburg, a place where virtual reality has become a government-subsidized addiction.

For Steve, the choice is easy. His loyalties lie with the IRA, a revolutionary army led by a voice only known as “Mom.” They are trying to overthrow the General and free the people of New San Francisco from the cruelties of the City Guard. Steve’s mission is to broadcast a recording of a speech that a famous philosopher died to tell. Many thousands have and will perish to get this message out, but is anyone willing to listen? 

About the Author
Bob Collopy was raised on southern values. A world of rigidity and blind faith. He was then moved to Sedona. A near cult­like world, grown from 1960's flower children. He was then moved to Scottsdale. A world of extreme wealth and vice. He then went to college and joined a fraternity so notorious it was on national and world news multiple times.
Due to these shifts, Bob always found himself the the semi­lucid observer; constantly confused and adjusting to new and opposing sets of norms few cultures would ever call normal or even acceptable.
The city Bob has created is a blending of these intense and opposing cultures and the people trying to survive and conquer them.

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