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Pulse by Kalin Gow What I Really Think

PULSE Vampire Series Omnibus Vol. 1 Books 1 – 4
Kailin Gow
Publication date: March 1st 2018
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult
This Omnibus contains 4 Full-length Novels in the PULSE Vampire Series, now in development as a Film starting with its Prequel, Mysterious Teacher.
Loved it! Very exciting storyline, can’t wait for the next one…. – Ariana, early 20s.
Pulse is fast paced and intriguing, the story has twists at every turn and the ending leaves you open mouthed and wanting more. Kailin did a wonderful job in creating this vampire world. – Melissa Silva, The Bookshelf
Ever since I was little, I’ve loved vampire books, and this one does not disappoint. – Amy (Books, College, and Other Random Things)
I know that I seem to say the same thing everytime that I review a Kailin book but man can she write, no matter whatever she writes I can never seem to put the book down whenever I pick one up. This has become another one of my favourite Kailin series and I highly recommend it. – Head Stuck in a Book Blog
Hurray for Gow, she made up a powerful character. I recommended this, you are not going to regret. – Astrid A.
17 year-old Kalina didn’t know her boyfriend was a vampire until the night he died of a freak accident. She didn t know he came from a long line of vampires until the night she was visited by his half-brothers Jaegar and Stuart Greystone. There were a lot of secrets her boyfriend didn t tell her. Now she must discover them in order to keep alive. But having two half-brothers vampires around had just gotten interesting….
Kailin Gow is a multiple Award-winning author, film and tv director/producer, and speaker. You can learn more about her at:

Author Bio:
Kailin Gow loves things that are edgy, cool, bright, exciting, hopeful, glittery, and jaw-droppingly awe-inspiring. She loves writing, reading, and filming stories about people whose journeys take them beyond their boundaries – physically, psychologically, intellectually, and emotionally to arrive a point and a place of inspiration and hope. Her works have been recognized by the leaders in the industry in book publishing and entertainment to be “innovative” and “disruptive”, earning her awards from ALA, The IBPA, and festivals.


What I Really Think

It's a serious love / hate opinion of Pulse. If you liked reading Twilight (teenage angst) or watching Buffy (super fit, kickass), you will probably enjoy this book.

What I liked: The triangle relationship that is developed between the two brother vampires and Kalina was fun to read. Older brother always taking the younger brother's girl and she's attracted to both as they are different as day and night. Then there is the deceased third brother who died three months prior who she cared for deeply, but it was just a high school thing.

The mystery of how the younger brother died was intriguing. Did he die as a result of driving while drunk or was there more to it? What exactly is this vampire wine?  The problem is that you have the answers in the first part of the book.  After that, a few vampire attacks, sibling rivalry, chaste lust, and jealousy.

What I didn't like: I'd like to know who the editor was because it's someone I would never use.
In the story, there is a priest whose name is secret. He has a special ability to change wine to blood. He must remain hidden. Shortly after this is known, Father Botticelli location is utmost secret. Umm. So they just told the most important secret name to a mere mortal who is being hunted by the other vampires because really it's just the location that's the big secret ??? (That should have been cut out and the wording changed.)

I found some character traits to be implausible. She describes a cheerleader of a regional winning team as being meek and shy before having been bitten. Really? Meek and shy. Have you ever known a highly competitive cheerleader to be meek? There was never any meekness shown in the dialogue or scenes.

To be honest, I didn't choose this book because of the romance. It looked as if it would have a good mystery as well. The mystery turned out to be ... Eh. It's more telling than showing and it's mostly revealed early on.

The last chapter of Book 1 is titled Epilogue. It is not an epilogue. (Hello Editor??) It's nothing more than the last chapter which ends with a cliffhanger. Normally, this type of ending would piss me off. However, in this case you're getting the four book set, and so I won't bitch about it.

Summary: Pulse has good bones.  Unlike Twilight, I did not have a desire to throw the book across the room and the author was not overly repetitive with the same phrases. I wish the author had taken a little more time to flesh out the mystery.

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