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House of Remption

Blackstone Resorts, built in 1842, only opens its doors to invited guests once every eight years. The zealous Reverend had commissioned the house to be built with the intention of luring sinners to its doors with the house's riches. Once the guests arrived, they were trapped until they repented to the Reverend's satisfaction.

Centuries later, the tradition continues. Eight unscrupulous guests have arrived at Blackstone. The unsuspecting patrons have been enticed to the resort as they escaped the consequences of their current sins. Each member has his or her own reason for hiding from the outside world.

Tension mounts quickly as, one-by-one, they come face to face with their worse nightmare. Will they repent their evil ways or remain in Blackstone for the rest of their lives?

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Fun Facts About Me as a Writer

When did you first, without hesitation, call yourself a writer?  

       I would say it was when I first started networking to market the book. I am not a prolific writer, but I'm a still a writer.

What’s the earliest memory you have of writing a story?

      About eight years old. I tried to write a screenplay for the Pokey Puppy. My freshman English teacher was the first person who showed excitement about a good story that inspired me to write better. My very first attempt at co-writing a story was in my 30s. My partner dropped out. I was on my own. I came to a part where I really loved my character and she was in a bad situation. I didn't want to destroy her and so the story has remained frozen forevermore. 

What is your least favorite part of the writing process?

    The rewrites. I hate do-overs. 

How do you work with an editor without the pride thing getting in the way? 

    I take a deep breath. I don't have a pride problem More of a self loathing that I didn't do it right the first time. 

What technology do you use for writing?

      It varies. I've discovered Scrivener and use it with Dropbox. Love them both. Mostly it's whatever text software I have handy. I've been using Google Docs lately as I can pick up my story on any computer.

How do you keep from resenting your duties and every human’s sleeping requirement when you have to stop writing to take care of them? 

    They are saints and forgive me for giving them dirty looks and I remind myself that I will not be remembered for writing a book when I'm dead. The memories are those I make with them. Memories are not made behind a keyboard.

Describe your writing style in ten words or less.

    Sporadic, procrastinated, competitive, embracing my nightmares.

When you hear from your readers, what do they say?

     They can only read my book in the daylight.

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