Free Book Promo

Free Book Promo

Each daily writing prompt will sponsor/feature a book at the end of the post. The book promo includes:
  • book cover 
  • short synopsis
  • purchase links
  • author pic and information if available. 
  • Twitter account user name if available.
  • Will post links to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest
There is no book review (see below if you want a book review). The book promotion will run daily for seven days.

There is no fee to submit your book. There is no cost to you if your book is selected to be featured. It is 100% free book promo to you. You will not be spammed. Your information will not be collected to be shared or sold.

Submit Your Title For Book Promo

Email :

  • the title of your book
  • author name
  • purchase links
  • website if you have one
  • Twitter account user name
Amazon is my default purchase link, but I am not an affiliate. Include links  you would prefer traffic directed to purchase your book and to your website if you have one.  Email above link if you have any questions.


I only review science fiction, historical fiction, horror, paranormal, fantasy, and young adult. There are a few exceptions. You can always ask.

At this time I'm only accepting Kindle versions. Self-Published authors are welcome. Older books are welcome.

I will blog my book review, leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads. I will link the review on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and Pinterest.

My review includes:
  •  short synopsis
  • book cover,
  • gut reaction 
  • purchase link
  • Might include author information and pic.
 Default purchase link is Amazon, but I'm not an affiliate. Let me know where you want your purchase links to be and it's done.

Any questions: email me at

If you want me to do a book review:
Email me at with a request and synopsis. I'll email you back and let you know if a) I'm interested and b) the next step.

The next step being I will send you a different email for you to gift your Kindle book to me. I will give you an approximate time as to how soon I will ready your book and when I will post the review.

Any questions: email me at

updated 08/15/2016

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