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Episode 1 Mildred's Balls.
A short story about a crotchety woman is terrorized by her ill gained collection.

Episode 2 Rain
A young woman on a camping date that goes horribly wrong.

Episode 3 Rejuvenation
What or Who would you sacrifice to get what you wanted?
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Episode 4 Baby, It's Cold Outside  
A young woman waits for her man to arrive.

Episode 5 Below
Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention.

Episode 6 The Quietness of the Night by Leslie Branon
The winner of January's 10 minute writing prompt narrates her story about a lover exploring the night.

Episode 7 Olivia's Mirror by Kathy Finfrock
A woman goes searching for her missing friend.

Episode 8 GermWarfare by Eric Grignard.
What crawls on and under your skin? The war wages within

Episode 9 Ice by Rose Blackthorn
A science fiction tale of a cat burglar attracted to an extraordinary gem.

Episode 10 Death With a View.
A simple tale of murder.

Episode 11 Carrion Man by Naching Kassa
Mara's late stop at the bank goes horribly wrong.

Episode 12 Mama's Eyes (A Love Story) by Martin Reaves
Mother and Child face each other in the execution room.

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  1. Hello Kathy. My name is Stephen and I would like to submit a story for your podcast. How do I do that? My email is sleenbc@gmail.com.

    1. You can send an email to atticghostpodcast@gmail.com