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If you write in the genres science fiction, mystery, paranormal, dystopian, steam punk and horror genres, then I want you to enter in the free novel editing giveaway.

It's not easy to write a novel. I respect the pain, the frustration, and the hard work that goes into birthing a novel. It's my job to help make it as painless as possible. My clients are normally authors who are self-publishing. My goal as an editor is to make you proud of your work and confident in its quality.  

My Services

I edit fiction novels that are in the science fiction, mystery, paranormal, dystopian, steam punk and horror genres. 

Copyediting can range from light to heavy. Although copyediting includes the basics of proofreading, it also goes a step further. In copyediting your text, I read your work line by line and do the following:
  • Correct faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Write queries when something isn't clear or doesn't seem to make sense.
  • Flag redundancies and suggest alternative wordings.
  • Ensure consistency in spelling, numbers, capitalization, names, and hyphenation.
  • Flag or reword jargon.
  • Point out awkward or confusing sentences.
  • If I see something that is inaccurate or factually wrong, I'll  write you a query to verify. If I can find the answer quickly using trustworthy sources, I'll include that information, too, although accuracy is ultimately the author's responsibility.

You can expect me to respect you and your manuscript.
  • I am not a developmental editor. I do not rewrite or change the organization of your manuscript. 
Find Out More

It doesn't cost you anything to inquire.  Click here to request additional editing information. Tell me a little about your novel and we'll see if we are a good match. You can email me direct at abfinfrock@gmail.com


A few comments from wonderful authors that gave me the editing opportunity. I enjoyed working working with each of them.


This is great! Thank you, Kathy.

I cannot thank you enough. You have had a tremendous influence on this manuscript.Kevin Pickell  Revenge Ticket  

Jon Henn, MBA
For over 12 years, I have been writing novels and screenplays and have participated in over a thousand critique and editing sessions involving well over 100 people. I can honestly say that Kathy Finfrock is one of those rare gems in the novel critiquing and editing business. Rarely do you find someone who can provide both insightful feedback on your storyline, concept, and characters as well as top notch editing. Out of the hundreds of people I have worked, Kathy Finfrock is on my “A” list (which has a total of 3 people on it). Not only is she making me a better writer, but she is also peeling away the layers to get to the deepest heart of my storyline, concept, and character relationships. My novel is benefiting greatly from her industrious analysis. I look forward to our continued association with the expectation of great rewards down the road as I head towards being published. 

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